Most people moving to Charlotte want to move into the fastest, most happening neighborhoods. That’s why it pays to know where all the action is at. There are quite a few neighborhoods to choose from in a fast-growing city to suit your style and budget, with Charlotte being no different. Also, some neighborhoods are more populated than others.
If you’re thinking about moving to Charlotte, you might want to consider a couple of the fastest-growing neighborhoods below.


Redfin, which is also commonly referred to as Wildwood, happens to be one of the hottest neighborhoods in Charlotte. It was named the hottest in 2020, and its 15-minute proximity from downtown Charlotte may mean many people assume it is expensive, but that’s not the case. You can buy a home for around $250,000, which is comparatively cheap.

Madison Park

Now, this is another trendy neighborhood that’s been attracting people for quite a few years now. Located on the southern end of Uptown Charlotte, it currently is home to nearly 63,000 people and is near Park Road Shopping Center. Here according to Zillow, the median home value is around $368,900. Whether it is coffee shops, bars, or restaurants, Madison Park has just about everything you’ll want within a four-mile radius hence it being dubbed the hottest neighborhoods of 2019 by Redfin.


It is one of the older and historic neighborhoods of the city, with a current population of around 4927. Located outside Uptown, the neighborhood mainly caters to people who love living in an urban environment with everything within walkable distance. You’ve got restaurants, brand stores, and dozens of other businesses a few minutes away. Commuters also have easy access to the free CityLYNX Gold Line streetcar. The median price for a home is around $337k, but the slightly higher price is worth it because of its close proximity to highly rated public schools for many people.

Plaza Midwood

Located a mile northeast of Uptown, it is a bustling neighborhood with a population of around 4000 residents. The area is perhaps best known for its restaurants and galleries, which makes it ideal for someone who wants to stay near the city, but still enjoy the perks of a quiet life. The neighborhood is well connected, and residents can easily hop on a bus or ride the light rail to the city center. However, the price of a home here is, on average, slightly under $600,000.


It is located a couple of miles from Uptown Charlotte and is currently home to around 6700 people. The neighborhood is famous for its tree-lined streets and the feel of a well-organized urban sprawl. This was the first streetcar suburb in the city; today, it is well connected via light rail and bus. However, the neighborhood is best known for its excellent selection of restaurants, clothes shops, and specialty food. Median home prices are comparatively reasonable in Dilworth, at around $470,000.

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