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Piano moving is a delicate process. The slightest misstep, lack of adequate padding, or the wrong equipment for the job can lead to hundreds of dollars in damage to your prized instrument. Pianos are bulky, yet delicate, requiring prior knowledge on how to safely apply padding so as not to damage the finish while keeping the instrument safe and secure. 

If you’re looking to move, and are the proud owner of a grand, baby grand, or upright piano – don’t panic! Road Haugs Moving & Storage in Charlotte, NC is highly skilled at moving specialty items, particularly pianos. Our piano movers provide services to the Charlotte, NC area and beyond! Our experienced team will take the utmost care and consideration in the packaging, moving, and unpacking of your piano. You can feel confident that your prized instrument will be in safe hands of our experienced team.

Moving Pianos Safely & Securely

Just because you own a piano doesn’t mean you’re well versed in how to move them from place to place, and that’s okay! Road Haugs Moving & Storage is here to help. With pianos weighing in between 500 and 1300 pounds and some sitting on delicate castors which can damage flooring, it’s best to not “try” doing anything with it on your own. Our piano movers are trained in how to move these large, delicate instruments, whether they be on the ground floor or above. Give us a call today and to learn how we can safely and securely move your piano from across Charlotte, NC to across the country!

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