Friendship Sportplex is located at 2310 Cindy Ln, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States. It is known for its great well-maintained fields, kids jungle gym, and a gravel track around the 2 baseball fields. If you head north toward Cindy Ln, then turn left onto Beatties Ford Rd and make a U-turn at Fairdale Dr 469 ft you will arrive at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church is located at 3400 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States. It is a welcoming and mission-focused congregation that seeks to address the needs of individuals, families, and communities. If you head north on Beatties Ford Rd toward McAllister Dr, then turn right onto Cindy Ln, turn right onto Statesville Rd, turn right onto Distribution Center Dr the Certifit Auto Body Parts will be on the left side.

Certifit Auto Body Parts is located at 2307 Distribution Center Dr #d, Charlotte, NC 28269, USA. It is the best place around to get auto body parts. Easy to get to, big inventory, and prices are very reasonable. If you head northwest toward Distribution Center Dr, Bojangles will be on the right.

Bojangles is located at 4131 Statesville Ave, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States. This location maintains its space clean the staff was fast and friendly food was good too. The restaurant has one of the best Cajun chicken, breakfast biscuits, grits, and salads. If you head southeast toward Statesville Rd and turn left onto Statesville Rd on the right you will arrive at Jerry’s Curb Market.

Jerry’s Curb Market is located at 4227 Statesville Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States. It is the only market in Charlotte that will cut your meat(s) at $2/lb. They also carry beef bacon and the staff is extremely helpful. If you head east, then left through Statesville Rd, and then turn left onto Hutchison McDonald Rd Amazon UNC3 will be on the left.

Amazon UNC3 is located at 4525 Statesville Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States. It is a great location and very organized to help the Flex drivers to pick up their racks! And the station is very clean. If you head south toward Hutchison McDonald Rd, turn right onto Hutchison McDonald Rd, turn left onto Lynch Dr on the left you will see the best moving company in Charlotte: Road Haugs. Road Haugs is located at 2700 Hutchison McDonald Rd Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28269, United States.