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Packing Services – Free Walk-Through

One of the most labor-intensive tasks about moving is physically packing everything away. You want everything to be perfectly tucked away, but you also want to make sure your boxes and containers have enough padding and protective layers to keep your stuff from getting damaged throughout the move. If you need help with your packing process, call Road Haugs. We’re proven packers and movers in Charlotte, NC, and we offer a variety of moving services to Charlotte and beyond.

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What’s Included in a Packing Service?

Packing, shipping, moving, and storage services are often managed by college students or part-time workers. They do the best they can, but Road Haugs moving professionals are precisely that: professionals. At Road Haugs, we’re trained and have the experience to provide expert service every step of the way. Packing and unpacking your belongings is one of the tedious nuances of a move and typically requires the most time. When trusting Road Haugs for your packing needs, you can remove the stress and headache of filling and organizing boxes. We can successfully and securely pack your belongings in as little as one day. If you decide to pack yourself, we’re available for your unpacking needs and debris pick-up. Ease your worry about building piles of boxes and call Road Haugs. We’ll use various protective materials to ensure your belongings are safe and secure, and if you feel the urge to pack some yourself, we can support you the rest of the way. Choose from:
  • Fragile or specialty items: From fine china to large pianos, we have the tools to safely pack and transport your items.
  • Per-room: If you prefer to pack specific rooms on your own, let us minimize your time and attention on the rest.
  • Whole-house: We can have your whole home packed safely for your move in one day.
Every packing project is different. Our award-winning packing service is customized for your lifestyle and requirements. Eliminate the stress of packing — trust the experts at Road Haugs. Call 704-492-5311 or contact us online.

Professional Packing & Moving for Residential, Commercial, or Business Relocation

Road Haugs offers affordable packing services for any residential, commercial, or office move. We believe packing is an art form, and we take it seriously. We use a wide range of protective materials to keep all your delicate items from breaking or getting scratched. Don’t waste time and energy attempting to pack everything on your own. Contact us today to take advantage of our moving services and discover why we’re the number one packers and movers in Charlotte, NC.
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Whether you’re moving down the street or across town, turn to Road Haugs for full-service local moving that takes the stress out of your change of address.

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A long-distance move can be complicated & stressful. Let Road Haugs professionals handle the heavy lifting so you can settle into your new home with ease.

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