Mint Museum
Expedia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Mint Museum Randolph in Charlotte is located in one of the most historic neighborhoods in the country. We can thank Conrad Reed in 1799. for finding the first gold nugget in North Carolina and the gold rush was responsible for the increased popular interest of Charlotte in the U.S. Only problem was they had to send all their gold up to Philadelphia to get melted and coined, so all that process was dangerous, slow and tedious. They had to come up with a better idea, so in 1831. the miners and merchants petitioned Congress to have their own mint down here in the Charlotte area. After an investigation from the United States Treasury, Congress approved an Act to establish several branch mints. In 1836 construction on the Charlotte mint began and it opened for business on July 27, 1837. At that time only raw gold was processed and all gold coinage coming from this mint had a “c mint mark” to distinguish it from all the other sister mints in operation at the time.

In May 1861, North Carolina seceded from the Union and then the Confederacy seized the Charlotte mint. During the war, it was converted into a hospital and military offices and it served that purpose until the very end of the Civil War. Federal troops used the offices for the first few years of the Reconstruction Era and later it also served as a Red Cross station during WWI. In 1931 the building was set to be demolished to make room for the expansion of the post office. Soon after a coalition of private citizens acquired the structure from the U.S Treasury department in 1933. They relocated the structure a few miles south of downtown Charlotte to the historic neighborhood of Eastover. Finally, In 1936 it was dedicated as the mint museum of art, the first art museum of North Carolina. On display are thousands of items along with a complete collection of all the gold coins amended at the Charlotte mint and there’s also a theater for lectures and performances.

The Mint Museum is located at 2730 Randolph road and its phone number is 704-337-2000. If you’re ever in the Charlotte area, do not forget to visit Carowinds as well, the best amusement park in Carolinas.

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