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Ok, so you’re planning to move? Great! Whether you are moving locally or perhaps even out of the state, you still need to “pack everything” right? Ugh… that sucks… no one likes to “pack things” right? So whether you plan to pack everything on your own or hire a local moving company to help you pack, we’ll share some cool tips with you on this page. How does that sound?

When hiring professional movers in Charlotte, many people still decide to do the packing and unpacking themselves. That is definitely a fine option and your movers will be happy to answer any questions you have or offer any suggestions. Remember, they do this for a living and will let you know that it’s not a good idea to pack all of your books in a big box.

Oftentimes, when customers pack themselves, they do not realize that this includes properly packaging things like lamps, mirrors, and pictures. Think of a grand piano (or a baby one) for instance; how would you move a piano on your own? What kind of safety measures would you take etc?

Ok, so if you do decide to hire a professional to pack, here are a few things you should know.

Most movers will not pack perishable items, so be sure your refrigerator is cleaned out or you have coolers ready to move any extra food yourself.

Movers should not pack any flammable or combustible products.

It’s a good idea to take any important documents with you (passport, social security cards, birth certificates, etc).

You will want to identify any items that you will need as soon as you get to your new home. That way the movers can properly label them as “open first” boxes.

You do not have to take clothing out of your dresser drawers. The movers can move the drawers with your clothing. However, if you have fragile items in drawers, please remove them so they can be packed separately.

Hiring movers can make your move a breeze! Sit back and relax as they handle it all for you! We understand that is not always possible or an option, and that’s cool (lol). We would just encourage you to be careful when packing and moving things, especially heavy items such as safes and other specialty items.

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