Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Seth Taylor, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sitting on 380 acres next to Lake Wylie, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is a magnificent attraction that is still in its infancy. it opened less than 20 years ago with a master plan that fills out more and more with the passage of time. Well, it opened in the late ’90s and so you had the construction of the visitor pavilion that happened almost immediately. and later you have the Orchid Conservatory which is just beautiful and allows for year-round interest and activity for visitors at the garden. Then also most recently, the construction of the Children’s Garden allows families to come here and have greater engagement. If it’s a weekend, there’s likely something new and fun going on here, and not just for grown-ups. There is often live music playing for many special events that are often filling the weekends of this great getaway.

We all know that summers in Carolina can always be made more fun with the addition of a little water. At Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden it’s everywhere. There’s the whole psychological benefit of water in the garden, so the sound of the water automatically starts to cause people to feel a little bit cooler. It also has a cooling effect to the area immediately around it, but also the sound has a soothing effect, it calms people down.

You will surely take home some great design and plant ideas for your own backyard, but you’ll find plenty of tropicals here as well in the Orchid Conservatory. and even plants for the outside that are great to observe but don’t always fit into a home landscape. More than two centuries ago, a French botanist André Michaux, explored this very area and discovered a tree with leaves more than a foot long that would become known as magnolia macrophylla michaux, also knows as bigleaf magnolia. You don’t see it much but you do here in the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is located at 6500 South New Hope Road Belmont, NC and it is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Do not forget to visit Discovery Place Science Museum nearby!

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