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Road Haugs Moving & Storage Announces Expansion of Warehouse Space for Long Distance, Full-Service, and Commercial Moving and Storage Solutions

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As a trusted moving and storage company in Charlotte, NC, Road Haugs Moving & Storage has recently announced the expansion of our warehouse space to cater to the growing demands of clients for long-distance moves, full-service moving, and commercial moving and storage. With the increase in our facilities and specialized storage solutions, clients can now enjoy more efficient and secure storage options for their belongings.

State-of-the-Art Warehouse Space for Long Distance Moves

Road Haugs’ new warehouse space is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a 24/7 security system that monitors the facility. The climate-controlled environment ensures that clients’ belongings are protected from damage due to extreme temperatures or humidity. This advanced technology provides clients with peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe and secure, especially during long-distance moves.

Full-Service Moving Solutions

Although we’re based in Charlotte, NC, Road Haugs offers full-service moving solutions for clients across multiple states within the continental United States, who require assistance with packing, loading, unloading, and storage of their belongings. With the expansion of warehouse space, the company can now offer more efficient and secure storage options during the moving process. This allows clients to focus on the other aspects of their move while their belongings are safely stored.

Commercial Moving and Storage

In addition to long-distance moves and full-service moving, Road Haugs Moving & Storage also specializes in commercial moving and storage. Our facilities are designed to accommodate the specific needs of businesses, such as office equipment, documents, and inventory storage. The company provides customized solutions for commercial moving and storage needs, ensuring the safety and protection of clients’ assets.

Specialized Storage Solutions

Road Haugs Moving & Storage offers specialized storage solutions for clients with unique storage needs, such as artwork, antiques, and musical instruments. Our specialized storage ensures that clients’ valuable belongings are protected and preserved. With our expanded warehouse space, as a company, we can now accommodate a wider range of specialized storage needs.

Charlotte, NC Movers Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Road Haugs’ expansion of warehouse space is a testament to our company’s commitment to providing the best possible service to clients. We remain dedicated to providing quality moving and storage services, including long-distance moves and full-service moving, while at the same time, growing within the community and expanding our capabilities. The expansion of our warehouse space is a significant development for the company and our clients who require long-distance moves, full-service moving, and the business requirements and objectives of commercial moves. The advanced technology and increased storage options are intended to provide clients with peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe and secure. With this expansion, Road Haugs can better serve our client’s needs, offering a wider range of storage options and specialized storage solutions. The company remains committed to providing quality service to clients in Charlotte and beyond. Reach out to our qualified team today to get more detailed information on your specific regional moving needs.
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