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Best Places To Live in Charlotte NC

Looking for safe, well-functioning neighborhoods, great school districts, trusted communities, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle? 

Then Charlotte, North Carolina is the perfect region to move to. 

Idyllic parks, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful houses with well-maintained gardens are all key points of living in Charlotte.

Below, we’ll look at a range of traditional, trendy, and business orientated neighborhoods in Charlotte that you could choose to call home. Let’s dive in!

1. Uptown

Uptown is downtown in Charlotte and is the epicenter of trade and commerce. Divided into four wards, the area offers you the best of all worlds. 

From bustling contemporary restaurants, high-end coffee shops, and museums to trendy shopping options, Uptown is bound to keep you wined, dined, and entertained!

Favored by professionals and those on the go, apartments and semi-suburban housing are the homes of choice.

A passion for sports, ample parks, and a general feeling of being in New York but safer, are just a few of the advantages that Uptown has to offer. 

2. University City

A diverse neighborhood that borders the North Carolina University campus, this is a student and academia zone. 

On any day of the week, you’ll find the locals jogging, shopping, or pouring over their books in the park whilst nighttime is given over to clubs, bars, and restaurants. 

3. Dilworth

This low-crime neighborhood with its eclectic affordable housing is a favorite for growing families. With a big emphasis on community, Dilworth is full of local grocery stores, artisanal shops, and a general sense of happiness.

Voted by North Carolina residents as one of the best neighborhoods to live in, Dilworth is affordable with beautifully restored houses, large parks, and a top-rated school district. 

It is also a sports-centric area and boasts the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Bank of America Stadium.

4. Elizabeth

Named after the local women’s college, Elizabeth is a tree-lined suburbanites’ dream home destination. It’s a picturesque and historical part of Charlotte that favors a more laid-back lifestyle.

Pretty front porches on houses that ooze Southern charm make it a perfect place to retire or start a new family.

It has two major hospitals and is near the city center for some intense shopping trips. The neighborhood also has its own wealth of local shops, restaurants, and businesses. 

5. Plaza-Midwood

Plaza-Midwood is the cool kid on the Charlotte block. Packed with stylish trendsetters and young professionals who take their food trucks and festivals seriously, it’s a worldly-wise environment to call home.

Sporting lots of local beer breweries and restaurants, it has a flourishing nightlife. 

It’s also business-orientated. Here you will find the big guns of corporate America. These include American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Carolinas Healthcare System.

And if you enjoy a good beer, this is definitely the place you want to be. Many Charlotte breweries are close by so you can easily enjoy a cold one after work or on the weekends.

6. SouthPark

South Park is one of the safest neighborhoods to live in Charlotte. With its old school, statuesque and sophisticated charm, it is the grand old dame of North Carolina. 

It’s a beautiful residential area that houses some of the state’s finest homes. 

Schools, shopping, and business flourish here but it does come at a higher price tag than other neighborhoods. 

7. Huntersville

Set on the shore of Lake Norman, Charlotte’s biggest lake, Huntersville is a sought-after residential paradise. It doesn’t take much to convince people to move to Huntersville.

It’s not only graced with great beauty and prestige but is also full of amenities. It has a plethora of gyms and parks as well as sports courts, walking trails, public playgrounds, and pools. 

It’s a safe neighborhood whose residents care for their properties and are proud of their strong community. Schools are top-notch and the liberal arts school, Davidsons College is just a few miles away.

Final Thoughts 

Charlotte is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. It’s steeped in history, features epic views and natural beauty whilst providing its residents with well-maintained and accessible infrastructure. 

The school districts all perform well over the national average and their vibrant business centers offer great employment opportunities.

Its neighborhoods are safe and its old-school Southern charm and sense of community make it a winning destination for both families and retirees alike!

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