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Moving is an exciting time! Unfortunately, it’s also a very stressful time. You’ve spent time researching apartment guides and have finally found the perfect place! You sign the lease and then the fun begins! Here are a few tips to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible.

Apartment Moving Tips

1.)   It’s always a good idea to request a move in check list from the property staff of the apartment. Do a quick but thorough inspection of the entire apartment and document every observation. When move out time comes this will prevent you from being responsible for any existing damage.

2.)   Review the measurements of the apartment (including doorways) to ensure all of your furniture will fit! There’s nothing more frustrating than paying to have your beautiful sectional moved only to find out it will not fit into the door!

3.)   Talk with the property staff to determine if there’s anything special you need to know about moving. Some properties only let residents move in on specific day or times to prevent your moving truck from blocking the road. Find out if there is a service elevator that you may be able to use if needed.

4.)   I always recommend not grocery shopping at least a week prior to move day! It’s never fun to have to move a refrigerator full of food!

5.)   Another great idea is to pack an overnight bag containing all of your essentials. After moving day, you may be too tired to unpack and you’ll be very happy to find all of your toiletries and a change of clothes in easy access!

6.)   If you have pets, see if a friend can watch them for you on moving day. With the door being open all day as your belongings are moved in and out, your pet may easily get out and in new surroundings they may not find their way back!

While moving seems like a daunting task, with proper preparation you’ll be feeling at home in your new apartment in no time!

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